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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

What if the person you love can’t love you back in public? Are you willing to live with being a secret? Tanner came out to his parents as bi-sexual quite a while ago. But moving from San Diego to Provo, Utah makes that information “need to know” only. Falling for the local Bishop’s son is probably one of the worst ideas ever.
Ah Tanner, I loved you, even as your story stressed me out. At the halfway point I ended up giving this book to a student so he could read it. Now I need to email, so we can talk about it. This is a sweet love story. The drama is not manufactured for the story, but very real and many people are living it as I write. My favorite quote from this book is on page 224: “But how can I send my heart to him when he’s just said, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn’t speak its language?”

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