Sea of Tranquility finished review

Started a book today that I will most certainly buy for the library.  It's called The Sea of Tranquility.
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I've highlighted several passages so far and I am only about 5% started with this book!  I got it as an ARC from NetGalley.

Here is my review:

Sea of Tranquility
               Katja Millay
YA contemporary
               Romance, emotional/physical trauma, friendship, revenge, death

Nastya:  new girl who doesn’t speak and wants to be left alone to fight her inner demons.
Josh:  hot teen boy everyone stays away from, but listens to seems to be dealing with his own demons.
Drew:  teen “player” who is smart, funny and deeper than he appears.

Tragic events in each of their pasts draw Nastya and Drew together even as they fight their growing attraction.  Can you save someone if you need to be saved yourself? 

Ms. Millay’s writing style is real, snarky, and spot on eloquent disturbed teen.  I highlighted several passages that were perfect word pictures of the characters and events.  I stopped highlighting after a while because I just got caught up in the story and expected the excellent writing to continue rather than be novel.  I am buying two copies for the high school and making sure the public library gets at least one.  If I were looking for a book to choose as a class set, I might choose this one.  I really think that this will be one of the ones I can’t keep in stock. 
               “…but lunch is just a highly unsupervised hell dimension.”  (Loc 172)

               “Drew—dirty blond Ken doll is tossing his most panty dropping smile….  He’s the kind of good-
               looking that transforms once self-respecting females into useless puddles of dumbass.” (loc 116)

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