Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendra Blake

"The dead have simple motives: hate, pain, and confusion. They kill you because it’s the only thing they have left to do.  The living have needs, and whoever is following me want something of me or mine."  (pg. 47)

Cas kills ghosts, it’s what he does now, that his father is dead—killed by a ghost himself.  He’s come to kill Anna, the ghost girl, who kills everyone who comes to her house. But she doesn't kill Cas, which is strange behavior for her.
An interesting paranormal romance that has turned into a series, but if you don’t feel like more—the ending is there if you want to be done with the book.  The relationship between Anna and Cas is nicely hesitant, I like that each was aware of the limitations involved.  Yes, there is a realationship of sorts between a boy and a girl ghost.  I liked Theo and Carmel as side characters, although we really don’t know much about Carmel’s life at all.  She could use some filling out in the next book.  If you are tired of vampires and fallen angels, yet still want the paranormal, try Anna.  

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