A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Skye, an orphan adopted by her mom’s best friend, contends with unusual changes happening to her body, being seventeen, and both new boys at school seeming to be interested in her. 

I bought this on sale for $2.99 and enjoyed it—I was ready to buy the second in the series but will have to wait until Sept.  I might not be willing to pay so much for the second one by then.  The story does follow the conventions of current YA romance:  a love triangle, paranormal powers, secrets, mysterious strangers, manipulation, and tragic past events.  Oh, I forgot—the cliffhanger ending, argh!  But—I still found myself drawn in and willing to suspend my disbelief to find out what happened.  I’ll probably buy these for the high school, but will wait until all three are out, to prevent being screamed at by angry girls, who hate cliffhanger endings as much as I do.  ;)

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