Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Could you survive a super volcano explosion that covers the Midwest with ash measured in feet, rather than snow the snow we’re are used to, in inches?  Alex’s family let him stay home for the weekend alone.  The volcano erupted, and the house exploded; now he needs to find them and a place to stay.

I’ve watched television shows about the Yellowstone caldera; I’ve seen Old Faithful; so it’s not a big stretch of my imagination to think that the volcano could blow.  Because of this, the story feels very real, and is scary in a quiet understated way.  We tend to feel safe here in the Midwest--no hurricanes or earthquakes.  Tornadoes, yes-but they are scattered enough that a lot of people feel safe.  We have plenty of storm chasers!  Surviving an explosion would be tough especially if you are a typical teen, concerned about dating, computers, or cars.  If you were a hunter, you’d have an advantage.   

Those of us who’ve read this, usually give it four stars.  This is part of a trilogy, so be prepared to need to read more!

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