Breathe by Abbi Glines

Sadie has spent most of her life raising her mother. This summer she needs a job in order for them to be able to eat and pay bills. Mom has held one for the last two months, but with school out and her pregnancy in the late stages, she wants Sadie to take over. Jax is sure Sadie is one of his fans who snuck in to the house to get an autograph, but is pleasantly surprised when she barely reacts to his presence at all. She is really working, and wants to keep her job. 

This is Ms. Glines’ debut novel and I liked it even though it has YA formulas that we’ve seen before.  There is a beautiful girl who doesn’t know she’s pretty, and everyone wants her, but a true love triangle never develops, thank goodness!  I can see some very Twilight like scenes for example the depression after a breakup, but Sadie does grow a bit unlike Bella. I’d like more of this story, I think.  I want to know if Sadie really can handle a rock star for her first and only love.  There are more stories in this series, but I don’t know how much re-visitation with previous characters the other novels actually contain.  I’ve put them on my wish list to wait for price drops. 


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