Exposed by Kimberly Marcus

Because nobody needs to tell
Elizabeth Grayson
to focus.  p.1

I let out a sigh, then swallow hard.

 Relief and disgust
are two emotions
not easily blended.  p. 165

He reaches out
For his half-empty bottle of beer
But I grab the bottle before he can
And throw the beer in his face.
Then I leave him
brewing.  p. 7

“I’m fine, thanks.” I say
Every time Mrs. Pratt asks how I ‘m doing,
A smile pasted on my face
With Please-God-Save-Me Glue.  p. 149

Liz and Katie are forever-friends.  Katie is a dancer, and Liz a photographer.  Together they have spent the last ten years doing everything together.  But after a Slumber Saturday sleepover fight, nothing is the same.  

Liz’s growth and descriptions are so enjoyable.  I made many notations that struck me as beautiful, wonderful, poignant, and memorable. I read this book in three class periods at school and it made me cry, and I kept on reading even though the kids could see me! 

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