Tess Oliver

I love Tess Oliver's work.  I have all of her books on my Kindle and suggest you do, too.  She writes such believable characters.  All of her work is on sale this month.  Buy it.  

Angel Beach

Echo, or Coco, as she is called by friends and family, is 16 years old and works In her grandmother’s bakery.  She is graduating early, so she can move on from town to make something of herself.  She loves her town and doesn’t want it taken over by a resort.  She doesn’t mind the tourists, but she doesn ‘t believe the town needs to change. 

Jamison, one of three brothers, has been sent by his father to make trouble in town, so properties can be purchased cheaply, so Dad can build his resort there.  Meeting Echo helps Jamison realize he k=needs to do more than just leave his family, healing can happen, but he’ll need to be a part of it. 

Tess Oliver writes such believable characters that I feel like I’ve met them in real life.  I enjoyed this short summer romance and would like to read more about Echo and Jamison as the year goes forward.  How will they deal with the fallout of Jamison’s defying his father?  Will the romance survive college, with them being in separate places?  

Tess Oliver

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