Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Amazon link (Kindle)

I loved this book.  I ordered it for the public library when I was only at the halfway point.  It's kindle version is on sale right now.  The companion Walking Disaster comes out soon!  

Travis ‘Mad dog’ Maddox is everything Abby Abernathy left behind when she left for college.  The drinking and gambling that Abby’s father was addicted to was something she no longer wanted a part of when she left for college.  Now, at college, Travis is in the picture.  The past that Abby is trying to avoid is all coming back and she just can’t seem to stay away.

This book is extremely addictive and you will be hooked from the beginning.  Anyone toward the end of their high school years or in college will fall in love with this book.   (Kayla B, phs student)

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