Divergent/Insurgent Veronica Roth

In the future, Chicago is divided into five different groups, four that represent character traits and a fifth that consists of all those who didn’t make it into a faction or were removed.  Choices are made at the age of 16, to which faction you will belong, if you leave your family's faction, you may never see them again, but staying true to yourself is highly prized.  Tris has to make a tough choice.  

The reader for this audiobook had a very slight southern accent, at least to my mid-western ears.  I was drawn into the story and wanted Tris to succeed even though the cost could be too great.  My daughter read this book in a hurry.  She loved it, also.

Tris is starting to make more teenage like decisions.  It’s like she’s regressing in a way.  I get it – she’s only 16, but in Divergent she made more adult decisions.  I have to say she irritated me this time.  I’m frustrated to be cliff hangered – I have questions! I need answers!  

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