Never Forget by Emma Hart (Memories #1)

Lexy grudgingly goes to her grandmother’s place for the summer before she leaves for University.  She’s studious, serious, and NOT interested in a summer romance..  But after meeting Alec, who’s been hired by her gram for the summer, Lexy might have to rethink her plans to sulk the summer away.  

I really enjoyed this funny romance.  The snappy comments between Lexy and Jen, her childhood friend, whose reconnection eases some of Lexy’s tension about staying, made me giggle and grin.  Jen and her boyfriend, Carl, have a relaxed committed relationship that provides a nice foil to Lexy and Alec’s romantic indecision.  

I did feel there were a couple of plot holes, like why did the family quit coming to Gram’s house?  What caused Lexy to change so much?  Characters allude to something bad happening, but never resolve conclusively, what it might have been.  I guess it was supposed to be Grandad’s death, but it didn’t seen to be enough for me.  I’d recommend this cheap read for someone who is looking for a fun light-hearted romance which will still tug at your heartstrings.  I paid $.99 for mine, well worth it for all the times I snickered at Grammy’s comments and manipulations.  She’s quite the funny character.

This starts a series of three books and I plan to read them all. You can get the set at Amazon for only $ .99.

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