New School Year

I have a love/hate relationship with the new school year.


  •   New books
  •   New students
  •   Fresh pens, pencils, notebooks
  •   Back to the routine
  •   Seeing all my favorite readers
  •   New clothes 
  •   New shoes
  •   Huge TBR pile
  •   New technology


  •   Taking last year's seniors out of circulation
    • accidentally taking out one of this years too soon!  
  •   End of summer
  •   Less time to read
  •   Getting all the stickers and plastic covers on the new books!
  •   Teacher's meetings
  •   Putting on makeup 
  •   Huge TBR pile
  •   New technology

Hmm, some of the things are the same.  Oh well.  Here's what's on my desk to read at school:

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