My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Favorite Quote:
                “His talking voice was amazing, but his singing was like honey and smoke had hooked up in the back of a van at a rock concert and had a love child. Smooth and rough at the same time.”  (loc. 1283)

I remember liking some of this book, but I had issues with Taylor’s willingness to lash out physically against Hunter. She punches him in the face when she first meets him. Then, when she has a meltdown later, she blacks his eye! Hello! Abuse can go both ways! No one seems to bat an eye at her actions, but if it had been him this would have been a totally different story.

I read this in a day or two and now can barely remember what Taylor’s big secret was. I remember Hunter’s – I guess it was more memorable to me. Taylor is seeing a counselor, but she never talks about hitting Hunter, or her anger issues. Everyone is so protective of Taylor, and treats Hunter like he’ll deliberately hurt her.  For all his issues, he’s actually well-adjusted.

I am curious about the next book in the series. I’m not sure how it’s related to this one, maybe just the setting. I’ll be looking for more character growth and fewer red flags.  Hope it’s better!  


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