Wednesday Why Not Read...The Night Circus?

This book is quite lovely. It’s so much more than the cover copy states and yet, less. The back cover would have you believe a great love story plays out between Celia and Marco – it does- but it's really secondary story-line material. The real romance is between the circus and its audience.  So much about the circus is a mystery, that is its beauty, its romance; to see the Night Circus in the cold light of day could, but doesn't lessen the appeal.

"Why haven’t you asked me how I do my tricks?” Celia asks, once they have reached the point where she is certain he is not simply being polite about the matter. Fredrick considers the question thoroughly before he responds “Because I do not wish to know,” he says. “I prefer to remain unenlightened, to better appreciate the dark.” (Pg. 183)

Just because we don't understand something, doesn't mean it's not beautiful, wonderful, and marvelous.  Fredrick sums up for me the great romance of the Night Circus. I wouldn’t put this as my number one for the year, but it is definitely in my top 10; I am so glad I read it. 

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