Monday musings...books on my desk

I keep books I am currently reading, near me on my desk  in the library.  Students look at them, quiz me when the book marks haven't changed, and sometimes take them from me to read.  (When that happens, I just pencil my page number in the back.)  Today, one of my boys took Croak, because he saw the sequel, Scorch on my little shelf.  I keep several books there, some I've started, some I'm not sure about, some the teachers asked me to read because they are considering or teaching as new curriculum, and some that I just think look interesting.  It's not full now, because I have made progress (!!) and decided not to refill it until it's empty.  But I think it's so cool that they look at what I read,  to see what they might want next.  Good covers help a lot. (Scorch is sooo shiny.)  It motivates me to read out of my comfort zone, so they will do the same.  Even though some of them think I love everything.  (Soooo not true.)  I only talk about the books I love to them, not the ones I didn't.   Because what if they loved it and I hurt their feelings?  They might never trust me again.  That would make me truly sad.

My little shelf on the counter, amid the clutter.

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