Wednesday why not read Believe by Erin McCarthy

Third in the True Believer series, I think this may be my favorite so far. While you don’t need to have read the first two in order to understand this one, the plot is richer for having the back ground from Rory/Travis’s and Jess/Riley’s romances in your head.

Robin doesn’t remember the night she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, but she doesn’t want it to happen ever again – so no more drinking. The guilt is crushing though. Phoenix is fresh out of jail for beating a man almost to death. They aren’t good for each other, but they both need and accept each other.

I appreciated Robin coming from a normal, ordinary family – no blaming her problems on her back ground. Phoenix was product of his background but didn’t use it as an excuse.  Secrets are part of this plot – but they aren’t between Robin and Phoenix, for which I’m grateful.

Poor Kylie, I’m looking forward to her story, which is releasing this summer. 

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