Wednesday why not read...Alienated by Melissa Landers

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Cara is all about checking off lists and being the best. She’s finally achieved valedictorian status. Yeah! Then she’s chosen for the dubious honor of hosting the new foreign exchange student – he’s so foreign, he’s an actual alien. Aelyx doesn’t really want to be on Earth, but discovers that humans aren’t all like he thought they would be.

Alienated does have some faults, like plenty of stereo-types and heavy-handed racism issues, but I don’t see that as all bad. Some of my students don’t recognize stereotypes or racism unless they are broadly brushed, living in a small insulated town will do that to a person.  I enjoyed this way more than I suspected I would. Yes – it’s a YA romance with an alien as the “Hottie” but yet I suspended my disbelief and just had to finish it, staying up late to do so.  I’ll be buying this for my high school library and am looking forward to the second one.

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