Wednesday why not read...XVI by Julia Karr

Wow, just wow. 

In a future where there are ten tiers of economic classes and the US government has been replaced by a “World Council,” at 16 a girl is considered of legal age, for sex at least, and receives a tattoo on her wrist so all will know.  The government claims it’s for protection and it will fade if a few years.  Uh, hum.  Nina is approaching 16 and isn’t excited like many girls; she and her mother didn’t buy into the government’s “sex-teen” propaganda.  When Nina meets people who knew her father before he died, she feels excited, but they might not be everything they seem.

Tight writing, suspenseful storyline and not your typical plotline, make XVI a fast, intense read.  I’d recommend this book to fans of The Chosen One, and Hunger Games

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