Wednesday why not read...Made of Stars by Kelley York

...and by interesting, I mean I might want to throw myself out of a moving vehicle by the time she leaves.  p. 64

Siblings, Hunger and Ashlin, have been best friends with Chance for years, but when they finally get a real glimpse of his life, they question everything they thought was true.

It took me quite a while to read this book because so much made me tense as I was reading it, and I had to keep taking a break. I became emotionally involved with Hunter, Ashlin, and Chance that I hurt for them.
Things that kept me in the story:
  • Characters – well drawn, understandable
  • Mystery of Chance’s life
  • Writing--beautiful descriptions
  • Unconventional storyline (sort of – we have a rather large section of “child abuse fiction” in my library)

Things that kicked me out of the story:
  • Wondering when the murder (the one on the book jacket) was going to happen
  • Hunter’s indecision about his girlfriend
  • Writing – had to look at the chapter headings to know who was “Talking.” Hunter and Ashlin’s “Voices” were too similar. The context always helped but I certainly needed the headings.
  • The ending:
    • Getting to the end and realizing what I thought was more book, was just previews for two more books – Ugh! Frustrating.
    • Not a satisfying ending for me at all. I don’t need an HEA all the time, but I do need resolution.

Made of Stars is a dark story, not a light summer read. But, once again, I find myself glad I read Kelley York’s book. I’ll keep looking for this author’s stuff, when I want something out of the ordinary.

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