Wednesday why not read...Push and shove by C. L. Stone

21847609  Kindle

This time around there is a little bit more intertwining with the Scarab Beetle series, Ms. Stone also writes.  Corey and Axel make very brief appearances, and the synth drug JH14 plays a larger role in the high school.  Sand finally gets her first kiss (no spoilers on from whom!) and gets a bit of an explanation of her future with the boys and why they do what they do with her, but I’m still a bit frustrated by her naivete, even if we can blame that on step-mom never signing the sex-ed form.  

So much drama happens that it’s no wonder she forgets to eat and is exhausted.  Another one of the boys figures out he may love her, but isn’t quite willing to go the sharing route.  It could and will get even more complicated, I’m sure.  I hate waiting for series to complete.  At least this set is self pubbed and not being drug out for a year between each one, like a traditional publisher would.  I think I’d bail to wait for the whole thing and then never get it because sales would drop.  I hate for summer to go too quickly, but I'm ready for fall releases!

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