Guest Post by Danika B. Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano


          Working to get a science scholarship, Nearly Boswell is also working against the clock to find a murder that is targeting people she tutors…The only thing I got out of the blurb. The one thing that made me want to read the book.

          I loved the way Elle Cosimano incorporated science into the mystery, making me want to continue reading. With all of the characters keeping some secret away from the others and weird clues as to what will happen next in the newspaper, I felt sucked into the story. The way the story ended left me wanting a sequel, or a companion book to go with it. This isn’t because it was a cliff-hanger, but because I feel that Cosimano can take Nearly and her friends further in development. All in all, I loved the story and how it was written. I would easily pick up another one of Elle Cosimano’s books.

Guess what?  It does have a sequel, Guess I'll have to buy it for her.  (Mrs. C)

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