The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas


If you like fantasy series like Graceling, Five Kingdoms, Septimus Heap, and Frontier Magic, then you will enjoy The Burning Sky.  There is mystery, magic, disguises, adventure, dual identities, and a little romance.  It starts with a female character, Iolanthe, frantic to prove herself.  It could be a bit of a slow start for some, but quickly picks up once we shift to Titus’ point of view.  Both boys and girl readers will likethis novel.  I worried about our characters as the book progressed.  I felt vested in both Iolanthe and Titus. Watching them work together to form a real friendship was gratifying in a way that I did not want to see destroyed or damaged at the end of the book.  Fortunately when the book ends, there is more story left to tell, but no cliffhangers.  Thank goodness.  I’ll read the rest. 

The Burning Sky does have footnotes.  I read a kindle edition so I don’t know how intrusive they are in the paper version.  I only read a few of them, so they are not necessary to understand or enjoy the story. 

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