To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonya Sones


This book was a roller coaster ride for me.  We know Colette is lying, she tells us over and over.  I had to find one of my students who’d read this to see if I was going to be upset at one point – I was afraid Connor, the love interest, wasn’t real at all.  I actually asked for a spoiler!  So much happens and then it hasn’t happened that it’s almost hard to keep track of the plot line, but I wanted to finish this book, and did in just a day. 

I have a cadre of kids who love books in verse.  I’m glad I found this one for them.  There in even a lesson, about the power of words, that’s not too heavy handed to swallow.

My favorite lines:  

“Change how you see.  Not how you look.” (on a mirror) Page 83    
Connor laughs –
a deep, throaty laugh. 
And the sound of it

vibrates all through me…
like I’m a wind chime
and he’s

the breeze.  Page 98

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