The Here and Now by Anne Brashears

Prenna is from the future, our future, and it was terrible. She and others have come back to try to prevent the plague that has wiped out so many people. There are strict rules about how to behave, but Ethan, a time native, pushes Penna’s boundaries.

“Complacency is dangerous” is this book’s theme. The “it will be fine attitude” we, as “time natives” (or modern day residents,) display about our environment, and the complacency that “the travelers” fall into after coming to our time, because comfort trumps everything.  It’s pretty intense social commentary with a mystery and romance tossed in to keep the reader interested. The ending is in keeping with the theme – sacrifices must be made. So, no HEA for Prenna, but, perhaps one for our world. 

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