Killer Instinct by Jennifer Barnes

The Naturals, five teenagers who are profilers living in a house paid for by the FBI, are targeted again in the second installment of this mystery series. Some suspension of belief is required to buy into the idea that the FBI would be willing to listen to 17-year-olds, but I happily did that again and floated along trying to figure out who the killer was. I actually did suspect the right one, not something I do often. So, either I’m getting better, or it was obvious. Let’s go with I’m getting better! I’ll keep reading these. I want to know more about our lead characters, Cassie, Dean, Lia, Sloane, and Michael.

There were references to the first book, The Naturals, (click to read my review) that would make more sense if you’d already read it but, I feel like this could stand alone; if the reader wasn’t interested in the love triangle that is carried over from the first installment – it has much more support in the first book so it might seem a bit slim on details for a new reader. 

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