A couple of "boy" books by Goeff Herbst

Originally titled Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders, Gabe Johnson Takes Over is an okay novel of a group of high school students trying to have a say in their school programs over the adults who have different agendas.  Gabe is the fat kid, who's not going to take it anymore.  I know, it's a cliche, but this book is kind of filled with them.  It's not bad, and the resolution leaves you feeling pretty good, but I think it could have been so much more.  Stupid Fast is so much better.  

In one year Felton grows seven inches and gains 43 pounds.  He’s suddenly BIG, not fat, BIG, as in the coaches are looking at him; the jocks are looking at him; his mom is looking at him.  Felton is funny.  He is dealing with the growth spurt.  (Eat! Hair! Eat!)  His mom freaks out on him because he suddenly looks like his dead dad.  His best friend, Gus, moves for the summer to Venezuela.  A beautiful girl moves into Gus’s house.  The jocks are now his friends.  No wonder Felton is funny:  funny--ha, ha, funny—weird, funny—crazy.  He’s a regular kid with some serious issues going on in his life.  I loved this book; it made me laugh, snicker, and whimper.  I should buy another copy; I will, I promise.  I did!  

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