Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

What would you do to get a cure for a family member who was dying? You’d  be willing to compete in a race, probably, knowing only one person could win, right? But what if that race could kill you? What if you saw other contenders die? What if other contenders turned on you?  Would you still want to do race?  It’s going to take three months; you’ll travel over four different ecosystems, and you’ll have a Pandora.  What’s a Pandora?  That’s just one of the questions, you’ll have, that will be answered later, maybe.

This was a wild ride of a book.  I’m hooked and ready to read the next one, immediately.  Good thing it’s out already.  There were times that I giggled at Tella’s comments, and times I rolled my eyes at her, but overall I really enjoyed this one.

Some will want to compare Fire and Flood to The Hunger Games. Yes, the competition aspect is like that, but the motivation is different to me.  Tell wants to win so her brother can be cured of his disease. Katniss took her sister’s place, but Prim could live without her, well, she would have…. Tella is much more compassionate than Katniss.  She cares about the other contender’s stories, and Pandoras. And I’ll be really mad if that turns out to be her downfall rather than her salvation.  

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