Nil by Lynne Matson

I used to watch Survivor, then I got tired of the sameness. Nil reminds me a bit of Survivor, but instead of being voted off the island, the characters have a year to catch a gate, or they die. There is no camera crew, or host, to intervene when someone gets hurt to take them to the hospital. The stakes are definitely higher on Nil, even if it is beautiful.

I thought this was fast paced and an easy read. The world building flowed into the story rather than being an info dump. You do need to watch the chapter headings as Charley and Thad take turns telling the story. If you hate insta-love, you’ll be annoyed, but maybe you’ll be pacified by the whole intensity of the one year left to live dynamic. I got a bit panicked, toward the ending, because I’d looked online and noticed there was a sequel. Thankfully this one does not have a cliffhanger ending.  I hope the second book is a companion, and gives more info on Nil and some of the other characters.  

I’m glad this one is in my library, and I will happily buy the next one.  

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