The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt

This was just an okay book for me.  It’s a romance with a Romeo and Juliet theme, which is even acknowledged by the characters, Dax and Holly.  If Ms. Leavitt had really run with that, I feel like this could have been so much more.  There are a lot of characters, most of whom are given just a bit of page time.  Some of them could have been cut to allow for more character development.  Older sister Lenore, is just there to show how dysfunctional the family is, and to provide a car ride; she could have been sacrificed to give more info about Camille, the girlfriend of Sam, Holly’s best friend.  Holly has three other guy friends, Mike, Grant, and Porter., who are kind of interchangeable.  I wanted more info on Victor, the competition, and James, Holly’s younger brother.  Perhaps I am being too picky, but I wanted this to be one of the ones that would fall into the better than it looks category.

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