Girls Like Us by Gail Giles, or one of my most favorite summer reads this year


Not since Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, have I read a book that featured a special needs person as main characters. I think my students can identify with, empathize with, or at least learn from these two girls. Stuck in Neutral, comes to mind also, as it is a popular look at my high school.  But it may be as much based on the very skinny size, and language in it more than empathy. (Sorry, Terry.)

Biddy and Quincy have graduated from high school, and are living in a garage apartment, together,  helping an older woman with household chores. The book alternates points of view between the girls; we find out about their past histories and current feelings as they learn from each other, their new employer, and grow in their new life after high school. I loved this book, it's a definite Gateway for me.

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