Summer romance

This is a predictable romance, but my girls are going to love it so much, that I'm going to look at the back list for Ms. Barnholdt.  I'm always looking for new authors for my girls who like their romance with more substance than fluff.  Harper is a good girl, and Penn is a player.  They strike up a romance, taking a chance on one another; but someone is bound to get hurt. Penn has issues and Harper isn't willing to let him walk all over her, eventually. She finally finds her backbone, learning about herself and Penn in the process. This was a fast read for me. 

Regan, BFF to a rising country music star, narrates this summer road trip/concert tour. Lilah,  or Dee, to her friends is dealt a blow when an innocent picture is cropped to look salacious, and posted online with the intent to damage her reputation. Management brings in a former child star to be an opening act/pretend boyfriend.  Of course, sparks fly between Reagan and the pretend boyfriend.

This book was much better than I thought it would be. Earlier this year I read a book that felt like a Disney movie special. (shudder) Open Road Summer was more realistic and felt like a semi-accurate portrayal of life on tour for an underage entertainer who wants to keep her values.

Reagan and Dee's friendship was strong and felt very real. Some of the reviewers have commented on Reagan's slut shaming of other girls, which she did do often, but I felt like it was a proactive reaction to being a slut shamed herself.  It didn't bother me, as a reader.

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