Guest Post: Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff

Being rescued from the place you’re trapped in by a cute guy is every teenage girl’s dream…Right? Well I guess that depends on the teenage girl.

I don’t think Clementine DeVore ever thought about being rescued the ten years she was trapped in the cellar, vines growing around her: trapping her even more. She passed time by dreaming of a boy she has never met, yet knows is alive; remembering bits and pieces of the day everything went wrong. But now that she is out of the cellar, Clementine is out to find out who put her in there and why. As she gets closer to Eric Fisher and her cousin, Shiny, strange things begin to happen. As the wickedly magical and extraordinarily dangerous story begins, so does the reckoning?

Reading about Clementine DeVore and her search to find out why she was in the cellar gave me a sense of strength and beauty. The sense of strength came from how Clementine held herself throughout the story and how she carried herself as she grew more aware of the magic in her life. Beauty was in how the story was written, growing more magical with each and every word that helped the story evolve. Brenna Yovanoff created a story that I would gladly read again and again.

By  Danika B

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