Say Love, two book reviews

I went into this book thinking I would be getting a romance. Nope. This is more like realistic fiction. Josie is gifted, straddling two worlds: high school and college, fitting into neither of them well, and like many gifted kids, she overthinks things. Her sister is getting married to Geoff, who makes a poor first impression on Josie. Josie then decides he is not right for her sister, and she proceeds to try to prove it to everyone, at the risk of alienating her whole family and favorite sister.  In her zeal, she manages to discover the difference between crushes and love, what role family plays in our lives, and see an old friend in a new way. 

I’m always a bit wary when a book blurb says that this book is a cross between John Green and Rainbow Rowell. I think- hmm, someone is going to die, but the book boyfriend will win my heart. Nobody died in Say What You Will, yay, and I did fall for Matthew.  This is the second book I’ve read this year that had a main character with a disability. I like this one; it was well written and showed Amy as a real person, not a sympathy case, pathetic, or a perfect person, but someone who struggles like all of us. Amy needs a wheel chair and a computer to communicate with people, she’s always had adult helpers but for her senior year she wants to students.  She needs friends, real friends, but she doesn’t get everything she thinks she will, just like in real life.  I’ll need to sell this one, but I feel like once I put it in the right hands, my work will be done for me. 

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