Series starters fantasy edition

This is a fun, fast read. I enjoyed the adventure, and the characters in this fantasy world. I hope I have time and access to the second one, but it doesn't come out until 2016, according to Goodreads. I like the relationships Ava had with her guardian, Cade, and her friends, Lock and Ezra. Ava is straddling two worlds and holding together fairly well, until Cade is threatened. Then – the gloves are off.  Ava's rare ability to control fire has put her under the thumb of the Coterie, a mafia like group of non humans; she's an enforcer. Not that she likes that, but, you do what you have to do to survive, and keep those you love alive.


I'm going to have to buy a copy of this for my library. As a series starter this one was slow for me, but when I finally felt vested, I finished it in a hurry. It's light on the romance, which is a nice change for a fantasy book. The book does have an actual ending, but you know there will be more. I loved the cover, and the world building. Meira is an awesome, and strong female lead. Robin McKinley would be proud.

It's not often the main character starts bad and stays bad. Usually we get some sort of redemption – usually through love of course. But in this case – that's not happening, maybe later in the series? Because of this, the Young Elites is darker than the Legend series. One character is a consort and there is some serious violence. 

I did like this one and this and look forward to the sequel. I'll definitely be fighting for it and reading it before the kids do. 

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