Spinning Starlight by R. C. Lewis


“The Wild Swans” fairy tale is given a science fiction spin with a few less brothers than in the original, (8 instead of 11), but the same plot sketch- -a sister must rescue her brothers from an evil woman, without speaking. Rather than being turned into swans, the brothers are trapped in worm hole like conduits that their people use for traveling, to help stabilize the network.

Liddi is the youngest in the family and loved by all her brothers. She’ll inherit the majority of the family company when she comes of age, and is used to the life of celebrity- the one where everyone but family uses you to get further up in society; the one where no one sees Liddi for who she is, rather, only what she can do for their social status. Liddi feels the pressure of being the heir and spends a lot of time worrying about how she’ll never measure up to her brothers. When she is taken to a new planet, through one of those conduits, she is unrecognized and can finally let go of some of her insecurities and be creative, an especially useful talkent without her voice. I loved Liddi’s vid-cam monologues that she had going on in her head. The entertainment news is very vacuous; much like some of ours is today.

This is a nice addition to a library where retold fairy tales are popular.  Stitching Snow is another one by this author.  

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