The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

When a book by Ms. Doller comes across my desk, I read it. She does such an amazing job capturing characters. I can hear her character’s voices in my head, I always know who is “talking” and what kind of person they are.  

Arcadia, Cadie to her friends, is my kind of girl.  She’s smart, responsible, kind to her little brother, and ready for an adventure. She’s finally ready to let her hair down and be a kid again.  She’s been taking care of her little brother, and Dad, since her mother died a few years ago.  I love her thought processes and the way she is trying to find her way back into her own sense of self. She is aware of her choices, recognizes her strengths and weaknesses, and knows when she’s getting in over her head.  She goes with the two cousins she just met (!) on a road trip for the weekend, leaving her cares behind, only to get caught up in more drama than she planned.  Cadie just graduated, so I wouldn’t recommend this for younger teens, as the activities are definitely more advanced.

Favorite quotes:

“I hate that my present is rubbing up against my past.” Pg. 44

“I’ve ensnared myself in my own stupid, imaginary drama.” Pg. 45 

“Poach?” My eyebrows practically climb up into my hairline. “Seriously? Like I’m an endangered white rhino instead of a person? Pretty sure I’m capable of choosing for myself, instead of waiting around for you guys to decide who gets me. So that’s not what you meant by poach, right?” Pg.55 

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