There will come a time by Carrie Arcos


Mark is a twin, his sister Grace died in a car accident while driving with Mark, leaving him mourning and feeling guilty for surviving. Hanna, Grace’s best friend, finds a list of five things to do in Grace’s purse after the accident.  Hanna and Mark decide to do the things as a way to remember, honor Grace, and say goodbye. It’s hard for Mark to deal with when Hanna seems to keep bringing other people into the activities they had planned.  He doesn’t want to share this last bit of his sister with anyone.  There is some potential romance between Hanna and Mark, that also clouds Marks feelings and desires.  How he deals with those things makes this story wonderfully compelling.  Ms. Arcos does a remarkable job of realistically portraying grief in it’s many forms.  

This was one of my favorite reads from the summer. I don't normally like "bucket lists." yet I liked this one.

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