Galgorithim by Aaron Karo

Shane has fashioned himself into a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac, after having his own heart broken.  He wants to spare other guys from the humiliation of failure.  All they need is confidence and a plan.  Shane has the plan, and he’s willing to share.  Shane is a very likable guy who just wants to help other guys.  He’s not seeking payment and he’d rather not advertise his services or have others spread the information either.  “Deny ‘til you die.” is his motto.  Shane’s best friend Jak, a girl, knows nothing of Shane’s “community service.” All is well until the girls find out the secret, and that they have been “targeted.”  Then nobody's happy.  

Shane made me laugh out loud several times.
(loc 852) “Did I mention she’s wearing really short jean shorts? The front pockets are sticking out below the shorts and onto her thighs. Occasionally I forget my own name.”
(loc 1564) “A half-naked white guy and a half-naked black girl embracing in a bathtub.  We look like a Benetton ad.”
(loc 1728) “Jak, you are really bad at getting blackout drunk. You remember everything.”
(loc 1775) “Sigh, I feel like I joined an adopt-a-teacher program. I just can’t abandon him now.”
(loc 1864) “Adam looks like he robbed a big and tall store under the cover of darkness. But together they pass for the cliche version of an illicit office romance, sleeves rolled up, hands accidentally touching over a stack of paperwork.”

This is the second Cyrano referenced book I've read this year and a funny book that both genders will enjoy. Read alikes: Abundance of Katherines by John Green and Sway by Kat Spears.

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