Magonia by Maria Dahvan Headley

Aza Ray has spent her life struggling to breath, the fact that she’s made it to fifteen years is nothing short of a miracle.  At her worst, she hallucinates ships in the sky with people sliding down ropes to the earth.  But what if she wasn't hallucinating?  What if there was another world up in the sky that coincided with our own below? What then? On earth she has a family who loves her, and who have gone to great lengths to keep her alive. She has Jason, her best friend, an OCD geek genius, who could maybe be something more than just a friend.

I was about 70% done when I realized I’d started another series. It’s okay, the world is interesting enough that I want more information. t have all the back story, yet, but I’m hoping we’ll get some of that in the next book. I also need some more world building of Magonia itself.  I have  lot of questions, just like Aza.  

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