Review: Dime

Dime Dime by E.R. Frank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Using the voices of Sex, Money, and Truth, Dime writes her story, so another can be saved from her fate. Dime was thirteen when she ran away from her drunk foster mother. She meets L.A., who brings her to Daddy, they feed her and give her a place to stay. Nothing is ever free, though, and Daddy needs money to take care of Dime. So at the age of fourteen, Dime starts earning her keep by turning tricks for Daddy. She's so starved for love, that she believes him when he tells her this is the only way to help. But when an even younger girl joins Daddy's stable, Dime realizes that things must change, even if she feels it's too late for her.

The writing in the heartbreaking book drew me in and kept me reading, looking for a ray of hope. I wanted so much for Dime to talk to someone. She was so defeated. I think this is an important subject, that needs more exposure.

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