Review: Silver in the Blood

Silver in the Blood Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the late 1890’s, Dacia and Lou, two American cousins, go to Romania to meet the other half of their family. Dacia has had a “scandal” in England, so this opportunity is well timed to get her away from that and perhaps see to it that her reputation is not quite ruined. While visiting the family, the girls meet their scary grandmother, and try to figure out why everyone is keeping secrets about a later family meeting. It frustrates them and causes them to get into all sorts of trouble while they look for clues.

This is a quick, fun fantasy/historical romance, that would be appropriate for middle schoolers. The romance doesn’t overwhelm the mystery aspect, which is foreshadowed heavily early on, so it should not be a big shock when the family secret is revealed. The girls are proper young ladies of the times, so nothing untoward happens in the romance area to make younger readers uncomfortable. I’ll be buying this whole series for my library.

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