Review: Breakaway

Breakaway Breakaway by Kat Spears
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kat Spears has become a go to author for me. I love her characters: flawed but redeemable boys, believable girls, and realistic adults.

Looking at the cover of this book, one might be led to believe it's really more about soccer, but soccer is just a background, a link between the four guys in this story, the only one they have that keeps them together after a while. Jaz, or Jason, is reeling after the death of his younger sister. Everyone is grieving, his mother, her friends and the rest of the high school, even those who didn't know her. His friendships are starting to change: Mario, has chosen a life of oblivion through drugs, Chick, has always been the small, socially awkward one, Jordie, having landed the girl he really wants, is letting his family's wealth dictate his social life. Jaz needs to figure out how to grieve, who he is, and what he wants. I loved going on his journey and watching him grow.

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