Review: 100 Days

100 Days 100 Days by Nicole McInnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Boone, Moira, and Agnes, I want my library to be your safe space. But I'm happy you found the FACS room, instead. Marcy will take care of you.

Moira has spent much of her life protecting Agnes from others. Boone was once their friend, but he made a poor choice in sixth grade that broke the bond. So much is going on in each of their heads, they have trouble seeing each other, but with patience they are able to find common ground again. Moira has heard insults all her life about her size, Shamu, Fatty, etc. Boone has been the man of the house for the past few years, with a mom sunk in depression and addicted to puzzles. Agnes is a teen living in a old person's body.

This sounds depressing, I know, but I loved this one. Even though it broke my heart. The relationships between Moira and Agnes, Agnes and Boone, and Moira and Boone feel so real that I just wanted to hug them all so hard. But I'd probably break Agnes' ribs. Sigh.

Read this one, I'm buying it for the library.

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