Review: Afterward

Afterward Afterward by Jennifer Mathieu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caroline's brother, Dylan, was taken. When Dylan was found, so was Ethan, who'd been taken four years ago. Dylan is autistic and can't talk about hat happened to him, so Caroline goes to Ethan to try to get information to help her brother. When Ethan can't really answer her, because his memory is blank in spots, she feels guilty for asking. But she can't stay away, and they end up playing music together, forging an unlikely friendship.

I really like this one. I think I say that about all of Ms. Mathieu's books. Her topics are timely, well researched, sympathetic, and cleverly told. Ethan and Caroline's lives are so different, but linked by tragedy, they are heartrendingly similar. I'd recommend this book to anyone.

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