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Beast Beast by Brie Spangler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I went into this book fairly blind. I saw that it was listed a Beauty and the Beast retelling and I clicked on it. It's set in modern day, and there is no magic aspect only wishful thinking. So when Jamie, our Beauty, reveals she is transgender, I was a floored as Dylan. I felt like I had stumbled onto another VIB (Very Important Book) like If I Was Your Girl. Only Beast is from the other side of the relationship.

Dylan is called Beast by his classmates because he is huge, hairy, and ugly. He's a six foot fifteen year old. He's super smart, doesn't play football even though he secretly loves it, and is the enforcer for his friend JP's loan business. Although the enforcing is getting old and Dylan wants no part if it anymore. After he "falls" off of the roof of his house, he meets Jamie at therapy for self harmers. They spend the afternoon after therapy talking and he is smitten. When JP meets Jamie, he recognizes that she is different and sees this information as the perfect vehicle to get Dylan back in line.

Dylan's growth, both physically and emotionally make it easy to recommend this one to those looking to expand their world view.

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