Review: A Study in Charlotte

A Study in Charlotte A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What if the fictional Holmes and Watson were real people? What if they had families that were still around generations later? These speculations are the basic premise of this series. Jamie Watson is sent to America to a new school on a rugby scholarship. This same school just happens to have Charlotte Holmes as a student. They've never met, and Jamie would like to meet her. Oh, and his dad's family is also close by. Jamie's never met the new wife and his half siblings, either, but doesn't want to meet them. Jamie and Charlotte's first encounter is not exactly "meet cute," and it sets up a complicated relationship. They are accused of murder and set about to clear themselves.

I enjoyed this mystery. It had light moments that made me laugh. But I also worried about Charlotte's Oxy addiction. It's dealt with just like teens might deal with a friend who using, but adults know about it, and don't step in. I wonder what will happen with it later in the series. I'm vested, so I'll be finishing this one, but at a later date.

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