Review: Never Ever

Never Ever Never Ever by Sara Saedi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this in exactly two stretches. I love a retelling, and this puts quite a spin on Peter Pan.

Imagine if Peter and his parents landed on an island that kept everyone under the age of 18 young. What would it be like to grow old surrounded by people who were always young? What is Peter had friends who landed with him? What if not everyone agrees about everything? Who is in charge? And what is it like to never grow old?

Wylie Dalton and her brothers are spirited to Minor Island after one of Peter's few trips to the mainland. It seems like a great way to escape the pressing reality of their lives. Joshua is due to spend three years in jail for drunk driving without a license and causing an accident. Dad is having an affair and divorcing Mom. Micah is bullied. Wylie finds herself falling for Peter, but is quite critical of the secrets she feels Peter is keeping from her. She hates having decisions made for her. Perhaps this isn't the paradise she thought it was.

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