Slide by Jill Hathaway

Vee, or Sylvia, has narcolepsy, except, when she passes out, she actually projects herself into someone else’s body and sees through their eyes. She witnesses a murder at the beginning of the book, but has no idea who she’s slide into. The sliding aspects remind me of Everyday by David Leviathan (see my review here). But it’s not done as well. A has learned to live with the changes he has every day, and works within his system.  Vee fights “sliding” but then, suddenly she embraces it and learns control all at once?!  It felt awkward. Also awkward, was the relationship between Vee and Zane. He’s cute, but creepy to me, and all too easily dealt with at the end. This book is like a road trip – exciting to start, then slow – feels like you’re going nowhere, then bam – you’re here! There is a sequel, Imposter, but I’m not compelled to read it. I’ll only buy it for school if someone asks for it, specifically. 

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