Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday why not read Believe by Erin McCarthy

Third in the True Believer series, I think this may be my favorite so far. While you don’t need to have read the first two in order to understand this one, the plot is richer for having the back ground from Rory/Travis’s and Jess/Riley’s romances in your head.

Robin doesn’t remember the night she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, but she doesn’t want it to happen ever again – so no more drinking. The guilt is crushing though. Phoenix is fresh out of jail for beating a man almost to death. They aren’t good for each other, but they both need and accept each other.

I appreciated Robin coming from a normal, ordinary family – no blaming her problems on her back ground. Phoenix was product of his background but didn’t use it as an excuse.  Secrets are part of this plot – but they aren’t between Robin and Phoenix, for which I’m grateful.

Poor Kylie, I’m looking forward to her story, which is releasing this summer. 

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday TBR--Gateway nominees 2014-15

Here's next year's Gateways!  Most of them are here in the library.  The rest will be here before school starts in August.  





Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday musings...books on my desk

I keep books I am currently reading, near me on my desk  in the library.  Students look at them, quiz me when the book marks haven't changed, and sometimes take them from me to read.  (When that happens, I just pencil my page number in the back.)  Today, one of my boys took Croak, because he saw the sequel, Scorch on my little shelf.  I keep several books there, some I've started, some I'm not sure about, some the teachers asked me to read because they are considering or teaching as new curriculum, and some that I just think look interesting.  It's not full now, because I have made progress (!!) and decided not to refill it until it's empty.  But I think it's so cool that they look at what I read,  to see what they might want next.  Good covers help a lot. (Scorch is sooo shiny.)  It motivates me to read out of my comfort zone, so they will do the same.  Even though some of them think I love everything.  (Soooo not true.)  I only talk about the books I love to them, not the ones I didn't.   Because what if they loved it and I hurt their feelings?  They might never trust me again.  That would make me truly sad.

My little shelf on the counter, amid the clutter.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday fandon Pintrest!

My Pintrest board

I have so much fun finding cool library display ideas.  I want to make these book clocks.

I really want these cushions.  How fun are they?  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday why not read? Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Previous reviews for Divergent and Insurgent

·         Third book in the series, it was weakest to me.
·         I didn’t want to finish it.
o   Because I didn’t want the ending I knew was coming

·         The ending
o   Makes sense but-I hated it.

·         The plot
o   Some things are too easy or convenient
§  The Marcus/Evelyn resolutions….really?  That’s all it took?  Couldn’t that have happened before?
§  Memory serum-creepy, but it seems there’s a serum for everything!
§  Uriah-was that really necessary?

For as long as this book is-the ending felt rushed, some sub plots could have been left out and more time spent exploring the world outside.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday TBR update

I finished Allegiant!  Yea!  Boo!

See sidebar for updates on Scorch and How I Live Now.  I'm kind of stuck on both of them, Sorch got a bit slow and How I live Now got a bit weird, (kissing cousins for real, ew!)

I got some books from NetGalley:  quite the variety, right?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday musings--Sherlock

So, I watched the first episode of Sherlock's third season on PBS last night.
     Sherlock is so cruel to Watson...
                because he has such poor people skills, he doesn't really know how to be a good friend.
     Watson is loyal to a fault; who is this Mary?
     I actually thought Mycroft set Watson up under the Guy Fawkes bonfire to get him back into Sherlock's life, until the end scene.
                Shows you what I think of Mycroft, huh?  He's not much better at this "friend" stuff either.