Read-alikes for TFIOS

Zac and Mia "meet" in a hospital.

Zac and Mia wants to be the next The Fault in Our Stars.  It doesn’t quite make it, but it’s a pretty good attempt.  Set in Australia, the main characters “meet” in the hospital, but don’t see each other until much later, due to the cancer treatments they undergo.  It’s a tenuous friendship, at best, and Zac is the better person of the two of them.  I’m still not sure if Mia will change much, due to Zac’s influence.  

Ever wonder what Crohn's disease is?

Helpful reading directions are included in the front of this book. There is a line down the middle of the page to represent the curtain in the hospital room, and the poem is to be read across when the text is there.  

Two girls are in the hospital being treated for Crohn’s disease.  Part of the story is told in flashbacks, and you can sense the humiliation, and terror that comes with feeling betrayed by your own body.  

Coming soon as a movie!

 It is a universally acknowledged truth that high school sucks. But on the first day of his senior year, Greg Gaines thinks he's figured it out. The answer to the basic existential question: How is it possible to exist in a place that sucks so bad? His strategy: remain at the periphery at all times. Keep an insanely low profile. Make mediocre films with the one person who is even sort of his friend, Earl. This plan works for exactly eight hours. Then Greg's mom forces him to become friends with a girl who has cancer. This brings about the destruction of Greg's entire life.

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